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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Vovk M.I, Galyan Ye.B.
Personаlized Biotechnical System to Restore Speech

Dotsenko S.I.
On Game-Theoretical Approach in Action Coordination Problems with Information Exchange

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Norkin B.V.
On the Approximation of Vector Optimization Problems

Romanenko V.D., Milyavsky Y.L.
Impulse Processes Stabilization in Cognitive Maps of Complex Systems Based on Modal State Regulators

Gorodetskyi V.G., Osadchuk M.P.
Algorithm for Reconstructing the Dynamical Systems Using One Observable Variable

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Najafian Toomajani M., Budnyk M.M., Kovalenko A.S.
Evaluation Degree of Inhomogeniety Electrical Processes in the Heart Ventricles According Magnetocardiografy

Pashinskaia S.L., Antomonov M.Y.
Inverse Problems of Integrated Evaluation: Identification of Critical Components