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25 Years of Experience of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems

Informatics and Information Technologies:

Gritsenko V.I., Tymofijeva N.K.
Finding Subclasses of Solvable Problems in Combinary Optimization and Artificial Intelligence by Structure of Input Information

Babak O.V., Surovtsev I.V.
Data Reduction as a Method of Intellectualization of Information Technologies

Yermakova I.I, Nikolaienko A.Yu., Bogatonkova A.I., Tadeeva Ju.P.
Multifunctional Information System for Modeling of Human Thermophysiological State in Extreme Environments

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Zhiteckii L.S.
Problems and Prospects for the Intellectualization of Automatic Control Systems

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kovalenko O.S., Kozak L.M., Najafian Tumajani M., Romanyuk O.O.
Experience and Prospects of Creating Medical Information Systems and Information Technologies to Support Medical Care

Kiforenko S.I., Belov V.M., Hontar T.M.
The Hierarchy Principle as the Basis of Biological Systems Research

Vovk М.І., Kutsiak О.А.
Information Technologies for Muscle Functions Control. Retrospective Analysis and Development Prospects