ISSUE 2 (188)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Grytsenko V.I., Rachkovskij D.A., Frolov A.A., Gayler R., Kleyko D., Osipov E.
Neural Autoassociative Memories for Binary Vectors: A Survey

Khorozov O.A.
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Telemedicine Systems

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Aralova N.I.
Reserch the Role of Hypoxia, Hypercaphnia and Hypometabolism in the Regulation of the Respiratory System in Their Internal and External Disturbances Based on the Mathematical Model

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Grygoryan R.D., Aksenova T.V., Degoda A.G.
A Computer Simulator of Mechanisms Providing Energy Balance in Human Cells

Rudenko А.V., Nastenko I.А., Zhurba O.А., Nosovets О.K., Shardukova Y.V., Lasoryshinets V.V.
Evaluation of Risk Factors for Operations Coronary Bypass Surgery on a Beating Heart


80TH Anniversary of Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine Vladimir Ilyich Gritsenko