Issue 3 (205)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Gritsenko V.I., Gladun A.YA., Khala K.O., Rodrigo Martínez-Béjar
Semantical Similarity Evaluation Method of Concepts for Comparison of Ontologies in Applied Problems of Artificial Intelligence

Chabaniuk V.S., Kolimasov I.M.
Critical Systemic Properties of Electronic Atlases New Generation. Part 2: Research Results

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Aralova N.I., Klyuchko.M.V., Mashkin.I.V., Mashkina I.V., Radziejowski P.A., Radziejowska M.P.
Mathematical Model of Conflict-Controlled Processes in Self-Organization of Respiratory System

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Danilova V.A., Shlykov V.V., Dubko A.G.
Determination of Parameters of Influence of High Frequency Current on Living Tissues

Yermakova I.I., Bogatonkova A.I., Nikolaienko A.YU., Tadeeva Yu.P., Hrytsaiuk O.V., Solopchuk J.M.
M-Health Technology for the Forecast of the Human Condition in Extreme Environmental Conditions