Issue 2 (192)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Fainzilberg L.S., Matushevych N.A.
Comparative Evaluation of Convergence’s Speed of Learning Algorithms for Linear Classifiers by Statistical Experiments Method

Grytsenko V.I., Gladun A.Y., Rogushina Y.V.
Models and Methods of the Semantic Wiki Resources Use as Knowledge Sources for Renewal of Formal Domen Ontologies

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Zhiteckii L.S., Solovchuk K.Yu.
Adaptive Stabilization of Some Multivariable Systems with Nonsquare Gain Matrices of Full Rank

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Buzynovsky А.B., Kovalenko A.S., Bayazitov N.R., Godlevsky L.S.
The Effectiveness of Surgeon Decision on Pain Syndrome of Pelvic Origin Treatment in Women Estimated with the Model of Decision Tree

Rysovana L.M., Vуsotska O.V.
Information System of Detection of Emotional and Cognitive Disorders in Patients with Discirculatory Encephalopathy

Zlepko S.M., Chernyshova T.A., Maevsky O.E., Krivonosov V.E., Azarkhov O.Y.
Information Technology of Determining Circular Tumor Cells in Human Blood