For authors


The journal accepts submissions of original results of research in theory and applications of information technology and systems, intelligent control and systems, as well as in medical and biological cybernetics. Evaluation of the papers is accomplished by double blind peer review provided by the members of the editorial board and, if necessary, leading experts in the field. The authors are provided with the reviewers’ comments to take into account.

Format and structure requirements 

1. The paper should contain the following mandatory sections: Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose, Methods if nessesory, Results, Conclusion, References. Recommended length of the paper is 12-14 pages including embedded graphics, references, abstracts, excluding supplementary information.

2. The references should be prepared in Chicago style, citations are numbered according to their occurrence in the text in square brackets. Use of DSTU requirements for research publications is acceptable. References to the publications in languages other than English should be accompanied by English translation (transliteration for author names and initials).

(Author A.A., Author B.B. Article. Journal, 2000, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 111-112.

Author A.A. Author B.B. Book. City: Publisher, 2000. 111 p.).

3. The text should be prepared using Times New Roman 12 pt. font, the line spacing is 1.5. The page size is A4, with equal margins (left, right, top, bottom) 2 cm.

4. Formulas must be prepared in equation editor Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0. Options for the font size are (10.5, 8.5, 7.5, 14, 10). The width of the equations should not exceed 12 cm.

5. Tables should be prepared in the standard Word built-in Table tool. The width of the equations should not exceed 12 cm.

6. Graphics may be prepared in the Word editor. In case of using other software, all images should be submitted as separate files. Acceptable formats are .tif, .bmp, .jpg (300 dpi). The width of the graphics should not exceed 12 cm.

Submission Requirements 

1. Manuscript should be submitted by e-mail to the editorial board kvt.journal@ . The file format should be *.doc or *. rtf.

Besides that 2 printed copies formatted according to the journal requirements should be sent to facilitate technical editing.

Post adress: International Research & Training Center for Information Technologies & Systems of NAS of Ukraine & Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine, av. Acad. Glushkova, 40, Kiev, 03680

2. The manuscript should be accompanied by:

– One page abstract in English structured according to the following sections: authors, title, introduction, purpose, results, conclusion, keywords, accompanied by the complete list of references;

– Short abstracts (5-6 lines) in Russian and Ukrainian with authors’ names, title of the paper and UDC number. For authors who do not know Russian and/or Ukrainian language translation may be provided upon request;

– Consent of all the authors for publication (use Consentment form) ;

– Author information for all authors, including: full name, academic degree and rank (if applicable), position, affiliation, postal address of the organization, e-mail (indicate in print and e-varsions). Authors located in Ukraine may consider identifying their phone number(s) for communication with an editor.

Consent to the publication