Issue 3 (193)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:
Revunova E.G., Rachkovskij D.A.
Random Projection and Truncated SVD for Estimating Direction of Arrival in Antenna Array

Antomonov M.Y.
Information Technology for Constructing the Composite Indices for Data of Different Types Used in Medical and Environmental Studies

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Vovk M.I., Galyan Ye.B., Kutsyak A.А., Lauta A.D.
Formation of Individual Complex of Control Actions for Motor and Speech Rehabilitation after a Stroke

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Shakhlina L.Ya.-G., Aralova N.I.
Forecasting the Organism Reaction of the Athletes on Inhibiting Hypoxic Mixtures on the Mathematical Model of the Functional Respiration System

Kiforenko S.I., Hontar T.M., Ivaskiva K.Y., Obelets T.A.
Informational Decision Support System for Monitoring and Correcting Somatic Health