Issue 4 (206)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Moroz O.H., Stepashko V.S.
Comparative Features of MIA GMDH and Deep Feed-Forward Neural Networks

Surovtsev I.V., Velykyi P.Y., Hrytsaienko M., Galimova V.M.
Analitical system for environmental monitoring and risk assessing of drinking water consumption

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Volkov O.Ye., Taranukha V. Yu., Linder Ya.M., Komar M.M., Volosheniuk D.O.
Devising an Acoutic Method for Investigation of a Complex Form Object Parameters

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kryvova O.A., Kozak L.M., Kovalenko O.S., Nenasheva L.V.
Prediction of Surgery Control Parameters in Cardiology to Optimize the Emission Fraction Values with the Help of Neural Networks

Vovk М.І., Kutsiak О.А
Mobile AI-technology for forming the personalized movements rehabilitation plan after a stroke