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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Surovtsev I.V.
Transformation of Data Structure in Determining the Concentration by Methods of Inversion Chronopotentiometry

Dotsenko S.I.
Solution of the Problem of Optimal Choices with a Group Browsing by a Game-theoretic Approach

Savchenko E.A.
The Technology for Solving the Problem of Modeling and Forecasting Based on Inductive Approach

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Mashchenko S.O., Shusharin Y.V.
Minimax Regret Criterion in Decision Making Problems with the Fuzzy Set of States of the Environment

Pavlov V.V., Volkov A.E., Voloshenyuk D.A.
Invariant Net-Centric Control System for Conflict Avoidance of Aircrafts in the Landing Phase

Kotsur M.P., Nakonechniy А.G.
Optimal Control of Non-stationary Regime of Cascade Thermoelectric Cooler

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Chernyshenko S.V., Ruzich R.V.
Discrete Effects in Continuous Models of Successions