Issue 2 (208)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Rachkovskij D.A., Gritsenko V.I., Volkov O.Ye., Goltsev A.D., Revunova E.G., Kleyko D., Lukovich V.V., Osipov E.
Neural Distributed Representations for Artificial Intelligence and Modeling of Thinking

Savchenko-Synyakova Ye.A.
Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Methods and Other Directions of Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Bondar S.O., Shepetukha Yu.M., Voloshenyuk D.O.
Using of High-Quality Positioning Tools for Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Automatic Correction Under the Limited Space Condition

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Aralova N.I., Beloshitskiy P.V., Zubieta-Calleja G., Aralova A.A.
Automated Information System for the Evaluation of Climbers’ Performance Under Conditions of Extremely Low pO2 of Inhaled Air

Katrakazas P., Spais I.
Blueprints Elicitation Framework for an Open Access Pan-European Neuro-Imaging Online Centre