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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Surovtsev I.V.
The Method of Digital Filtering of Electrochemical Signals in the Chronopotentiometry

Balovsyak S.V., Fodchuk I.M., Solovay Yu.M., Lutsyk Ia.V.
Multilevel Method of Local Contrast Increase and Images Heterogeneous Background Removal

Pavlov A.V.
Approach to Organization of Recurrent-And-Parallel Computations in Automized Structure-Parametric Identification System

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Kopets M.M.
Optimal Control by Vibrations of the Beam With Variable Cross-Section

Aralova N.I.
Mathematical Model of the Short- And Medium-Term Adaptation of Respiratory System of the Persons Working in Extreme Conditions of High Mountains

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Antomonov M.Y.
Methods of Determination of Environmental Factors Joint Impact in Epidemiological Studies for Binary Data

Krivova O.A., Kozak L.M.
Сomplex Estimation of Regional Demographic Development

Nastenko I.А., Boyko A.L., Nosovets О.K., Teplyakov K.I., Pavlov V.А.
Synthesis of Logisitic Regression, Based on Self-Organisation Principles of Models