Issue 3 (189)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Orikhovska K.B., Fainzilberg L.S.
Comparative Analysis of Estimation Methods of the Physiological Signals Variability

Intellectual Control and Systems:

Zhiteckii L.S., Solovchuk K.Yu.
Discrete-Time Steady-State Control of Interconnected Systems Based on Pseudoinversion Concept

Balovsyak S.V., Odaiska Kh.S.
Automatic Determination of Level of Gaussian Noise in Digital Images by Method of the Selected Regions

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Vovk М.І., Kutsyak A.А., Lauta A.D., Ovcharenko М.А.
Information Support of Researches on the Dynamics of Movement Restoration After the Stroke

Shvets A.V., Kich A.Y.
The Decision Support Model for Forecasting of Wounded and Sick Restoration in Hospital Conditions Based on Psychophysiological Data