Issue 2 (200)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Chabaniuk V.S., Kolimasov I.M.
Analysis of the practical use of geoinformation systems for territorial management and determination of their critical properties

Yermakova I.I., Nikolaenko A.Y., Bogatonkova A.I., Hrytsaiuk O.V., Kravchenko P.M.
Information Technology for Prediction of Human State in Extreme Environments

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Gritsenko V.I., Volkov O.Ye., Bogachuk Yu.P., Gospodarchuk O.Yu., Komar M.M., Shepetukha Yu.M., Volosheniuk D.O.
Intellectual Control, Localization and Mapping in Geographic Information Systems Based on Analysis of Visual Data

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kochina M.L., Kozak L.M., Yavorsky O.V., Firsov O.G., Yevtushenko A.S.
Model and Method for Evaluation and Forecast of the Changes of Visual System Functional State in Consequence of Visual Work

Belov V.M., Hontar T.M., Kobzar T.A., Kozlovska V.O.
Health Self-Esteem Information Technology for Rehabilitation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder