Issue 3 (213)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Kyyko V.M., Matsello V.V.
Real-Time Tracking of Objects in Video Based on Adaptive Histogram Features

Yermakova I.I., Nikolaienko A.Yu., Hrytsaiuk O.V., Kravchenko P.M., Dorosh O.I.
Information Technology for Predicting of Human Thermophysiological State in Cold Water

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Revunova E.G.
Randomized Matrix Calculations and Singular Value Decomposition for the Effective Jamming Cancellation in Radiolocation Systems

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kozak L.M., Kovalenko O.S., Surovtsev I.V.
Basic Components of the Software Modules Construction for Obtaining, Storing and Exchanging Medical and Environmental Information

Kalnysh V.V.
Informational Approaches to the Analysis of the Influence of Psycho-Emotional Stress on the State of the Working Population and Military Personnel of Ukraine