Issue 2 (208), article 3


Cybernetics and Computer Engineering, 2022, 2(208)

BONDAR S.O., PhD student,
Researcher of the Intelligent Control Department
ORCID: 0000-0003-4140-7985

SHEPETUKHA Yu.M., PhD (Engineering), Senior Researcher
Acting Head of the Intelligent Control Department
ORCID: 0000-0002-6256-5248

VOLOSHENYUK D.O., PhD (Engineering),
Senior Researcher of the Intelligent Control Department
ORCID: 0000-0003-3793-7801

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies
and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
40, Akad. Glushkov av., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine.


Introduction. Original class of hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles is considered for multitask mission accomplishment at this article. Advantages of such vehicles usage for purposes that are always done by several different agents are considered. Perspective of the position precisioning for different tasks that could be done by unmanned aircrafts is analyzed.

The purpose of the paper is to universalize the process of surveillance, photo and video data collection and other missions that is provided by unmanned aerial vehicles today. The action of data precision during some periods of the misson accomplishment and increased specification for main targets of the mission could demonstrate brand new vector of the unmanned aerial vehicle usage and creation of the brand new domains for the unmanned aerial vehicles. Complex data gathering could help to avoid extra mediators and could simplify data processing on the next stages and also could do such data much more precise.

Results. The usable scenario of route for hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle and the model of it could be a proof of universal multitask unmanned aerial vehicle utilization. Such scenario unites several information missions of different scale and could provide data for several data centers that can use it for defferent problem solving just from one flight. Also it proves that utilization of such aircraft with an additional onboard precision block could be the next step at the mapping and digitalizing domains. Financial analysis of the market is provided for demonstration of the fact that such hybrid aircraft complex system would provide such scale as well as attention to the object details but be much cheaper then mapping and surveillance systems that are already existing.

Conclusion. A need for optimization of some problems that could be achieved by unmanned aerial vehicles leaded to the usage of hybrid vehicles that were represented at the article. Complex design of such an aircraft could be a collateral disadvantage but the whole influence of the hybrid UAV usage for different tasks would optimize a lot more processes, devices and unnecessary equipment that would be needed for a large list of tasks at each domain UAVs are using right now from surveillance to agricultural tasks. Model of different scale purpose universal hybrid unmanned aerial system is a proof of the possibility to use just one single aircraft for a complex mission that needs different set of capabilities, features and equipment. Also such aircraft could provide much more certain results of missions and do it at lower price. Further developments could provide information about the most effective hybrid UAV type for such type of missions and provide game changing rules to the digitalizing and surveillance processes because of the new information gathering way.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, hybrid vehicle, positioning, multipurpose flight.

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Received 06.04.2022