Issue 1 (191), article 3


Kibern. vyčisl. teh., 2018, Issue 1 (191), pp.

Grytsenko V.I., Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine,
Director of International Research and Training
Center for Information Technologies and Systems
of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Volkov О.Y., Senior Researcher,
Intellectual Control Department
Komar M.M., Researcher,
Intellectual Control Department
Bogachuk Y.P., PhD (Engineering), Senior Researcher,
Intellectual Control Department
International Research and Training Center for Information
Technologies and Systems of the National Academy
of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,
40, Acad. Glushkov av., 03187, Kiev, Ukraine


Introduction. The article discusses the actual questions of the need of creation of modern systems of automatic control of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and describes new methods of its intellectualization. Today’s development of information technology requires accelerated development of the theory of intellectual control and the theory of systemic information technology. New technologies of intellectual control are extremely important for solving the problems of modern unmanned aviation.
The purpose of the article is to solve the issues of the development of the control system of UAV and to provide a number of measures aimed to ensuring its intellectualization. The approach considered in the article is based on the theory of high-precision remote control of dynamic objects and on the complex interaction of methods of theory of invariance, adaptive control and intellectualization of processes of UAV control.
Results. The development and implementation of control algorithms using functional program modules written in modern high-level programming languages in the computer environment based on microprocessors with a computing power sufficient to implement these algorithms in the form of a unified hardware and software complex of the integrated avionics.
The expansion of the range of functional capabilities of UAV control system that is offered to supplement the developed channels and algorithms of autopilot by the methods of intellectualization.
Conclusions. It is shown that combining the developed control laws for UAV autopilot into a unified hardware and software complex of integrated avionics and supplementing them with the proposed components of intellectualization will create a synergy effect and ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the process of controlling the motion of the UAV.

Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle, control system, invariance, intellectualization,

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Received 27.12.2017