Issue 2 (192), article 6


Kibern. vyčisl. teh., 2018, Issue 2 (192), pp.

Zlepko S.M.1,
D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor,
Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Chernyshova T.A.2, Doctor
Maevsky O.E.3, Dr (Medical), Professor,
Head of the Department of Histology
Krivonosov V.E.4, docent,
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Azarkhov O.Y., Dr (Medical), Professor,
Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

1Vinnytsia National Technical University,
Khm. highway 95, 21021, Vinnytsia, Ukraine
2Medical Center of National Aviation University,
Cosmonaut Komarov ave., 1, 03058, Kyiv, Ukraine
3Nicholay Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University,
Pyrohova str, 56, 21000, Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4Priazovsky State Technical University,
Universytetska str, 7, 87500, Mariupol, Ukraine


Introduction. The development of information systems and technologies for the processing of medical images of cells obtained in the study of histological preparations is one of the most important and priority directions of modern medical science.
The purpose of the article is to detect the CPR at various localizations of malignant neoplasms is currently one of the topical issues in oncology.
Results. A distinctive feature of the CPR is the aggressive metastatic potential, which allows them to be considered as the main mechanism of tumor progression. The article describes the methods of detecting the CPC, the functions and operations of image processing. The modern methods and algorithms for processing and restoring biomedical images are analyzed. The work of information technology for the determination of circulating tumor cells in human blood is given step by step. A comparison of the developed technology and existing analogues is made.
Conclusions. Unlike the existing technology, it detects a 4-micromycle GPC in the study of blood samples from patients with micellar lung cancer. The doctor, thus, received an automatic technology for the determination of the CPP in peripheral or venous blood with high reliability and informativeness, with maximum preservation of the integrity and invulnerability of circulating tumor cells. The analysis of literary sources and their own clinical studies have confirmed that only technologies based on the ISET method allow the detection of very rare circulating trophoblast cells of the fetus from the mother’s blood.

Keywords: technology, circulating tumor cell, medical image, histology, treatment, definition, criterion.

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Received 03.04.2018