Issue 1 (187), article 1


Kibern. vyčisl. teh., 2017, Issue 1 (187), pp.5-11

Grytsenko V.I., Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Director of International
Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of National
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine



May 5, 1997 the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems NAS and MES of Ukraine was established by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

During 20 years new scientific direction — Intelligent Information Technology (IIT), was formed. This methodology, the software and hardware became the basis for the deve-lopment of IIT of imaginative thinking, neural network technology, IIT for digital medicine, the E-education and intelligent control technologies.

The basic directions of fundamental and applied scientific research in the International Center are: creation of intelligent information technologies based on methods and means of imaginative thinking, comprehensive research of problems of intelligent management, intelligent robotics, digital medicine, e-learning, digital information space and technologies for the development of a secure information society.

By the main directions of the International Center, scientific schools in the field of information technologies and systems, technical cybernetics, biological and medical cybernetics, and mathematical analysis of comprehensive economic systems have been formed. An important contribution to the development of these scientific schools was made by outstanding Ukrainian scientists — academicians V.I. Skurikhin, A.G. Ivakhnenko,
N.M. Amosov and A.A. Bakaev. Their students and followers successfully develop these scientific directions in our country and abroad.

The International Center is the initiator of research and development of the concept of a new class of information technologies — intelligent information technologies. These are special, knowledge-intensive information technologies that differ from the known IT in the new quality — operating images of information objects. At the same time, an understanding of human speech, recognition of real and artificially created objects, active interaction with the environment, revealing the essence of the phenomenon, operating knowledge and the choice of strategy and tactics for achieving the set goal are achieved through the contours of intellectual IT.

Technical Committee for Standardization of information technologies, scientific journals “Control Systems and Computers” and “Cibernatics and Computer Engineering”, presentations of our scientists at prestigious international conferences, symposia and exhibitions make an important contribution for increasing the authority of the International Center.

The International Center has formed a program of work for the nearest years and defined the mechanisms for its implementation in the context of the rapid development of intellectualization of information technologies in all spheres of our society. As the comprehensive analysis showed, this program fully corresponds to global trends that the term “digital transformation” characterizes and covers the research priorities in information technology for a period of 5–10 years.

Keywords: intelligent information technology, imaginative thinking, intelligent management, digital medicine, e-learning, robotics, information society.

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