Issue 186, article 7


KVT, 2016, Issue 186, pp.78-94

UDС 615.47; 004.9


Vovk M.I.

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Introduction. Movement training is one of the main factors to mobilize person’s reserves at movement restoration.

The purpose of this article is to show the role of new bioinformatics technology and digital medical devices, original methods, programs and techniques of movement training of the limbs and fine motor hand, to restore motor and speech functions in patients after stroke.

Results. The bioinformatics technology TRENAR® for motor and speech rehabilitation is presented. The technology uses various programs (models) and methods for forced and voluntary movement training that are based on special   EMG signals processing and their transformation into informative visual and sound signals, that define movements. Structural – functional models of damaged motor area of the cortex reorganization aimed at motor control restoration according to movement training programs “Synthesis” (artificially synthesized programs of electric stimulation), “Donor” (programs are based on voluntary contractions of healthy muscles of a patient), “Biotraining” (Biofeedback method) are described. The technology is implemented in two electronic devices of digital medicine Trenar-01 and Trenar-02. New method and technology to restore speech on the basis of original techniques of fine motor hand training and technology TRENAR® are described. The results of clinical testing of technology in motor and speech restoration of patients after the stroke are presented.

Conclusion. The main benefits of the technology TRENAR® which lead to an increase in efficiency of motor and speech rehabilitation are as follows: advanced range of training programs, based on different methods, original techniques of fine motor hand training allows one to select individual approach to rehabilitation process.

Keywords: bioinformatics technology, digital medicine, electronic devices, programmed electric stimulation, biofeedback, rehabilitation, movement, hand, speech, stroke, individual approach.

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Received 03.10.2016