Issue 3 (205), article 2


Cybernetics and Computer Engineering, 2021, 3(205)

CHABANIUK V.S.1, 2, PhD (Phys.-Math.),
Senior Researcher of the Cartography Department, Institute of Geography,
Director of “Intelligence systems-GEO” LLC
ORCID: 0000-0002-4731-7895

Head of Production of “Intelligence systems-GEO” LLC
ORCID: 0000-0002-4927-4200

1 Institute of Geography, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 44, Volodymyrska str., Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine

2 “Intelligence systems-GEO” LLC, 6/44, Mykilsko-Slobidska str., Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine


Introduction. Part 2 discusses three critical systemic properties (CSP) of electronic atlases (EA) new generation. With their help fundamentally new, systemic EA are determined. Compared with classic systems, new EA have much more opportunities to model spatial systems of actuality.

The purpose of the article is to describe and prove the criticality of three CSP for a new generation of EA — systemic EA.

Results. Three CSP are described: CSP.System, CSP.Tree, CSP.View. CSP.System means that systemic EA should be models of spatial systems of actuality. These models are primary in contrast to the classic EA models, which are secondary. CSP.Tree means that the contents/solutions tree of the systemic EA must classify the modeled spatial system of actuality. CSP.View should model the visualization needs of users, in particular through interactivity. The methods of Conceptual Frameworks and Solutions Frameworks of Relational cartography, as well as facts from Model-Based Engineering were used for proof.

Conclusions. Three CSP of systemic EAs are described and it is proved that each of them is a necessary property of EA new generation.

Keywords: electronic atlases new generation, critical systemic property, Conceptual Framework, Solutions Framework, Relational cartography.

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Received 22.03.2021