Issue 4 (198), article 2


Cybernetics and Computer Engineering, 2019, 4(198)

Junior Researcher of the Department of Information Technologies for Inductive Modeling

SAVCHENKO Ye.A., PhD (Engineering),
Senior Researcher of the Department of Information Technologies for Inductive Modeling

STEPASHKO V.S., DSc (Engineering), Professor,
Head of the Department of Information Technologies for Inductive Modeling

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies
and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,
40, Acad. Glushkov av., Kyiv, 03187, Ukraine


Introduction. To ensure the high-quality manufacture of foundry products, advanced computer technologies are required which would contain not only a database of metals and alloys but also information on defect formation processes and methods for producing castings of a given quality. Software development requires detailed analysis not only of existing advanced technologies, but also the needs of the customer, compliance with all stages of the technological process, determination of the production profile.

The purpose of the paper is to analyze existing approaches and tools used in the foundry support industry to develop a computer technology containing a database of Ukrainian standards and specifications and providing guidance on the tasks involved in the casting process. To construct such technology for supporting the foundry making in the casting process, it is necessary to identify the advantages and disadvantages of existing facilities, assess the feasibility of using these tools in the domestic production and formulate requirements for computer technology developed in accordance with specifics of the Ukrainian foundries and oriented to work with the domestic base of metals and alloys.

Results. The analysis of modern software for computer modeling of processes in the field of formation of metals and alloys is carried out. It is planned to use the results of the analysis when creating a computer technology for modeling thermal processes in the field of foundry production focused on the Ukrainian industry to simplify the casting process. This will increase the production volume and reduce the appearance of defects in casting products during the technological process to make them more competitive. The block diagram of the computer technology of information support for decision-making in the foundry process is given. The main blocks of this system and the tasks they will solve are described.

Conclusions. An analysis of modern software for computer simulation of processes in the field of metal molding and the methods which are the basis of software products is executed. The results of the analysis are used when creating the computer technology of simulation of the thermal processes in the field of foundry, which will be oriented on Ukrainian industries, simplify the process of the casting obtaining. This will result in an increase of the production volume and reduce the appearance of defects in casting products during technological process to make them more competitive.

Keywords: casting, foundry production, computer technology, information support of decisions, group method of data handling (GMDH).

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Received 27.09.2019