Issue 182, article 1


Kibern. vyčisl. teh., 2015, Issue 182, pp.

Surovtsev I.V.

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


Introduction. It is important to use methods of digital filtration of signals, that do not distort the form of signal and use its internal characteristics, such as points of extrema for systems of measuring the concentration of toxic elements in chronopotentiometry.
The purpose of research is to create a method digital filtering by using extrema points for performing high-frequency treatment of different types of electrochemical signals while maintaining the shape of the useful signal which increases monotonically.
Methods. The method of digital filtering is based on using of the method of determining the spectrum of the analog signal by points of extrema.
Results. Created method of high-frequency filtration of electrochemical signals has reduced errors in determining the concentration, since it does not distort the form of the useful signal and does not lead to a blurring of the boundaries of the components of measurement of elements. The method is actively used in existing devices measuring the concentration toxic elements in the systems of dynamic axle-by-axle weighting of automobiles and continuous dosing, as well as in many other technical systems of measurement.
Conclusion. The proposed method of digital filtering has substantially universal character and can be used for preliminary digital processing of very different physical or chemical signals.
Keywords: digital filtering, extrema points of signal, chronopotentiometry.

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Received 06.07.2015