Issue 1 (211)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Odarchenko R.S., Bondar S.O., Simakhin V.M., Sieriebriakov A.K., Pinchuk A.D., Samoilenko V.V., Stanko P.O.
Research of the Main Means and Intermediate Results of the Russian-Ukrainian Cyberwar: Cybervolunteer Initiatives

Krygin V.M., Khomenko R.O., Matsello V.V.
Experimental Verification of the Self-Driven Algorithms for Solving Max-Sum Labeling Problems

Zosimov V.V.
Probabilistic Approach to Ranking Search Results using Bayesian Belief Networks

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Bondar S.O.
Usage of High-frequency Positioning of the Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Automatic Location Adjustment under Limited Location Circumstances

Chepizhenko V.I., Pavlova S.V., Skyrda I.I.
Trajectory Movement Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in a Swarm

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kovalenko O.S., Kozak L.M., Kryvova O.A., Bychkov V.V. Nenasheva L.V.
Application of Classification Models by Data Mining and Information Technology for Analyze the Results of Treatment of Cardiac and Diabetic Patients

Information Notices: Prominent Scientists of Ukraine

Volkov O.Ye., Shepetukha Yu.M., Pavlova S.V., Bogachur Yu.P.
To 90th Anniversary of Professor Vadim Pavlov: A Concise Review of the Main Results for 50 years of Scientific Activity