Issue 1 (203)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Surovtsev I.V., Galimov S.K., Galimova V.M., Sarkisova M.V.
Method of Chronoionometric Determination of Concentrations of Fluorine, Nitrate, Ammonium in Drinking Water

Anisimov A.V., Bevza M.V., Bobyl B.V.
Prediction of Audience Reaction on Text-Visual Content Using Neural Networks

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Mishchenko M.D., Gubarev V.F.
Horizon Length Tuning for Model Predictive Control in Linear Multi Input Multi Variable Systems

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Aralova N.I., Klyuchko O.M., Mashkin V.I., Mashkina I.V.
Mathematical Model of Functional Respiratory System for the Investigation of Harmful Organic Compounds Influences in Industrial Regions

Kryvova O.A., Kozak L.M.
Information Technology for Classification of Donosological and Pathological States Using the Ensemble of Data Mining Methods