1965 – a multidisciplinary collection of research papers published quarterly by the initiative of academician Victor Glushkov, the founder of the cybernetics studies in the USSR (in Russian, “Кибернетика и вычислительная техника»), ISSN print 0454-9910.

2007 – registration of the print version as a multilingual edition (Russian, Ukrainian, and English).

2014 – registration of the edition as an academic journal that publishes papers submitted in one of the three languages with abstracting in all three languages (ISSN print 0454-9910, online 2519-2205, DOI: doi.org/10.15407/kvt).

2019 – registration of the title in English – “Cybernetics and Computer Engineering” (ISSN print 2663-2586, online 2663-2586).