Issue 3 (201)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Chabaniuk V.S., Polyvach K.A
Critical Properties of Modern Geographic Information Systems for Territorial Management

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Zhiteckii L.S., Azarskov V.N., Sushchenko O.A., Yanovsky F.J., Solovchuk K.Y.
Control of a Nonsquare Multivariable System Using Pseudoinverse Model-Based Static Output Feedback

Volkov O.Y., Pavlova S.V., Simakhin V.M., Semenog R.V.
Complex for Modeling Aircraft’ Dynamic Conflict Situations in Real-Time

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kiforenko S.I., Vasyliev I.Yu., Orlenko V.L., Ivaskiva K.Yu., Obelets T.A.
Hierarchical Simulation. Algorithm for Prediction of Glycemic Profile for Diabetes

Vovk M.I., Kutsiak O.A.
Information Technology for Forming a Personal Movement Rehabilitation Plan after a Stroke