Issue 4 (214)


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Informatics and Information Technologies:

Gladun A.Ya., Rogushina J.V., Pryima S.M.
Complex Information Objects Repository as a Component of the Semantic Analitic-Information Web-Oriented Systems Development

Popov I.V., Lakhtyr D.A.
Algorithms and Methods for Surface Recunstruction of Freeform Shape Infrastructure Objects for Building Information Modelling

Melnychenko A.S., Vodolazskyi Ye. V.
Texture Missing Parts Generation Based on Image Statistical Analysis

Intelligent Control and Systems:

Aralova N.I., Radziejowski P.A., Radziejowska M.P., Aralova A.A.
Itelligent Decision-Making Support Technologies Regarding the Optimization of the Physical Training of Military Servicemen

Medical and Biological Cybernetics:

Kutsiak O.A., Vovk M.I., Matsaienko A.M.
Information Technology for Efficient Recovery/Correction of Muscle Activities for Motor Task Performance

Information Notices. Prominent Scientists of Ukraine:

V.I. Grytsenko: The foundation and development of information technologies