Issue 183, article 2

Filatova Anna E., PhD (Engineering), Associate Professor of Computing Technology and Programming Department of National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Frunze st., 21, Kharkov, 61002,



Introduction. The main method of breast cancer diagnosis is X-ray mammography. Visualization quality of studied organs of during radiological examinations depends on many factors that are related both to characteristics of recording equipment (an energy of ionizing radiation, exposure time, spatial resolution, etc.) and to characteristics of a visualization object (thickness and density of the tissue, dimensions of anatomical structures, etc.). So the task of visualization quality improvement of mammograms due to digital image processing is an important scientific and practical task. To solve this problem, the author developed the visualization quality improvement method of mammograms that is called IMRI-MAM. The main idea of the IMRI-MAM method is reviewed in the article.

The purpose of the article is selection of the type and parameters of a sigmoid function for performing of nonlinear contrast enhancement of the IMRI-MAM method and a quality evaluation of processed images.

Results. In this article properties of different types of sigmoidal functions are examined. The sigmoidal function of exponential form is proposed to use in the IMRI-MAM method. The properties of exponential sigmoid function are investigated. Optimization of parameters of nonlinear function of contrast enhancement in the IMRI-MAM method is performed. Dependence of the parameters of the sigmoid function of nonlinear contrast enhancement from the statistical characteristics of processed image is shown. The analytical expressions for calculating the parameters of the sigmoid function are found. Brightness, contrast and completeness of brightness gradations are selected as parameters for assessing of image quality. Local criteria for assessing of the image quality are reviewed. An integral criterion of image quality based on the properties of reviewed local criteria is proposed.

Conclusions. Experimental verification of the IMRI-MAM method of the visualization quality improvement of mammograms with using exponential sigmoid function was performed. 350 mammograms obtained with the digital X-ray mammography complex SYMA (manufactured by “Radmir”, Kharkov, Ukraine) were processed using the IMRI-MAM method. Subjective assessment of the experts showed a significant quality improvement of the processed images, which is also confirmed by objective assessments of the images quality. Further studies are aimed at generalization of the IMRI-MAM method to handle different kinds of radiographic images.

Keywords: a sigmoid function, nonlinear contrast enhancement, mammogram, the IMRI-MAM method, a criterion of image quality.

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Received 03.11.2015