ISSUE 180, article 1


Kibern. vyčisl. teh., 2015, Issue 179, pp 4-14.

Surovtsev Igor V., PhD (Engineering), Senior Researcher of System Modeling Department of International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, av. Acad. Glushkova, 40, Kiev, 03187, Ukraine, e-mail:


Introduction. The complexity of direct measurement of the inversion time for the original signal in determining the concentration of toxic elements by inversion chronopotentiometry in the sample solution was not possible to determine its less than 0.1 mkg/ml.

Purpose. Necessary to create information technology of measurement the concentration of toxic elements in liquid tests of objects surrounding by methods of inversion chronopotentiometry, which let possibility essentially to increase sensitiveness and reliability in determent of the concentration.

Results. Using work out of information technology determining the concentration of toxic elements in liquid tests of inversion chronopotentiometry in apparatus the analyzer allow to increase until 14 elements, to increase sensitiveness until 0,0001 mkg/ml and to improve repetition of measurements the concentration.

Conclusion. Information technology has a universal character and can be applied for the analysis of signals of different nature, in which the values are monotonically increasing or decreasing.

Keywords: transformation of the data structure, methods of inversion chronopotentiometry, modeling, information technology.

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Received 03.03.2015