Issue 186, article 5


KVT, 2016, Issue 186, pp.46-56

UDC 681.518


Melnikov S.V., Volkov A.E., Komar N.N., Voloshenyuk D.A.

International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems, Kyiv, Ukraine , , ,

Introduction. The problem of increasing network performance is very relevant. In practice, the actual speed of data transmission / receiving is significantly lower than the bit rate supported by used network technology. The actual wireless network bandwidth depends on the used technology, the number of subscribers in the network, length and quality of communication channels, electromagnetic interference, weather, network equipment, protocols and many other factors.

The purpose. The project is based on applied research in the field of high-speed cycles control systems for net-centric dynamic application processes with spatially-distributed interrelated functional components. Thus it provides functional and temporal combination of internal resources of net-centric distributed control systems with objects and technological processes on the basis of shared use of dynamics models working in an accelerated time scale into a single space-time net-centric complex.

Results. To solve the problem of determining the quality of the data transfer process in order to further control and manage this process, a method which is based on software that works with any standardized computing environment was developed. This method detects and evaluates the operating parameters of the wired Internet network before, during and after transmission of the information data packets provides analytical (numerical values of time delay of packet transmission, the percentage of lost data, signal quality, transmission speed and receive speed) and graphic parameters to control information transmission routes. This paper provides the results of computer simulation which are represent the network connection quality.

Conclusion. Development a method for determining the quality of information data transmission via a wireless connection, also as a creating programs for protection against unauthorized network access — are a perspective research objectives. Results of simulations confirm the appropriateness of using the given method of data transfer control in the terrestrial wired data transmission systems and the need to develop such technology for wireless connection.

Keywords: network-centric; control technology; communication; computer modeling; virtual model.

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Received 28.11.2016